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Полезные ссылки по секретным операциям спецслужб, заговорам и преступлениям_Часть 2

Часть 1
В раздел "Конспирология" полезные ссылки по различным проектам и спецоперациям и их классификация:
Легенда или подозреваемые:

  • [U]: CIA and/or UK's SIS/MI6

  • [I]: Israel's Mossad ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service)

  • [G]: Freemasons; Power Elite, Secret Societies

  • [S]: Soviets, Russia, KGB, Communism

  • [A]: Arabic country, Islamic extremists

  • [J]: Jesuits, Catholics, Vatican City

  • [M]: Mafia, Mobsters, gun / gold / drug / human trafficking, crime syndicates

  • [F]: Financial crime by Industrialists, Bankers; or Fascists depending on context

  • [O]: Other, Companies/Business plots

  • [P]: Politicians; Preachers; Police; Pedophile-networks; or all the above, depending on context (ex:Dennis Hastert).

  • [G,U,I,J,M,F,O,P] -- Indicates Cryptofascist Globalist Conspirators

Часть 2

  • Pan Am Flight 110 : In 1973 PLO terrorists attacked an airport in Rome and hijacked Pan am Flight 110. The PLO said the men would be tried for carrying out an "unauthorized operation". The five terrorists were later released under negotiations during another hijacking that took place on 21 November 1974, but were then returned to the custody of the PLO. [A]

  • The Pentagon Papers : papers that revealed the Johnson Administration "systematically lied, not only to the public but also to Congress." [U,P]

  • Phoebus cartel : Industrial conspiracy to control the light bulb industry through large scale planned obsolescence involving GE, Philips, Swiss companies. [O]

  • The Plot to kill FDR by Bankers : Bankers tried to assassinate our president. Wouldn't be the first time. Or last. [F]

  • Prescott Bush aided the Nazis : Bush received a slap on wrist for violating the 'Trading with the Enemy Act' because of his last-minute promotion of Veterans programs. The psychohistorical, fascist underpinnings of the motivational, *dada-approval-seeking-behavior of future Bushlings. (He no doubt used widows son excuse or held up geronimo's skull) [G,F,O,P]

  • Project Artichoke : predecessor to MKULTRA. The project studied hypnosis, forced morphine addiction (and subsequent forced withdrawal), and the use of other chemicals including LSD, to produce amnesia and other vulnerable states in subjects. [U,P]

  • Project Azorian : 1974 recovery of sunken Soviet nuclear sub, hidden from public until 2010 [U]

  • Project FUBELT : CIA plot to inhibit Salvador Allende's rise to power, and to promote a military coup in Chile. [U,P]

  • Project Merrimac : CIA not FBI infiltrating domestic anti-war groups. This act alone, with the CIA's mission, symbolically treats lawful US citizens as enemy-combatants. [U]

  • Project Minaret : Sister to Project Shamrock; targetting anti-war journalists. [U]

  • Project MKDELTA : sister project to MKULTRA whose activities were performed domestically, MKDELTA involved surreptitious use of LSD and other biochemicals on foreign nationals. [U,P]

  • Project MKOFTEN : the goal of MKOFTEN was to "test the behavioral and toxicological effects of certain drugs on animals and humans". MKOFTEN was also 'to "explore the world of black magic" and "harness the forces of darkness and challenge the concept that the inner reaches of the mind are beyond reach". As part of Operation Often, Dr. Gottlieb and other CIA employees visited with and recruited fortune-tellers, palm-readers, clairvoyants, astrologists, mediums, psychics, specialists in demonology, witches and warlocks, Satanists, other occult practitioners, and more.', according to Gordon Thomas in his 2007 book Secrets and Lies. More on this project in "Monarch: The New Phoenix Program" [U,P]

  • Project MKULTRA : CIA's massive, widespread mind control program derived directly from Artichoke and Paperclip (import of nazis into US intelligence). Its goals included trying to make Manchurian Candidates (aka "monarchs": sex robots and assassins), and how to extract information from people by force, how to destroy people's minds. [G,U,P,F,M,O]

  • Project Resistence : More domestic surveillance of anti-war groups. [U]

  • Project SHAMROCK : Covert bulk collection of all telegraphic data entering or leaving the US...in 1945. [U,P]

  • P2 -- Propaganda Due : Massive-scale, Italian-Swiss-Argentine cryptofascist intrigue revealing an Italian Deep state (shadow government) operated out of a secret Freemason lodge run by Licio Gelli**, that succeeded in subverting the intelligence community, attempted a coup of the media, constitution, attempted assassinations of several figures and killed in a false-flag terrorist bombing. P2 is implicated in the unproven assassination of Pope John Paul I.** [G,J,U,F,P,O]

  • Reichstag fire : Nazi party burned the Reichstag in 1933 as a false flag to incite violence against Communists [F]

  • The Rendon Group : exports PR and Propaganda worldwide on behalf of the US Military Intelligence. A foreigner's project mockeringbird. (Why think, when a policy house can do if for you?) [U]

  • Rex 84 Plan : covert action plan and readiness drill to detain large numbers of US citizens deemed to be "national security threats". [U,P]

  • Ruby Ridge : because of an overstated threat profile of Randy Weaver, the USMS and FBI after committed a criminal act of wrongful deaths of Weaver family in northern Idaho during a seige of their property. General belief now, 20 yrs later is it was 'accidentally on purpose': that Ruby Ridge was one example of the state making an example out of militias, a warning to would-be subverts, and an excuse to ask for more policing power. [U,P]

  • Room 641A : NSA's covert, co-located, mass-surveillance facility within AT&T; operating illegally for years. [U]

  • Russell Welch : Arkansas state police whistleblower who collected evidence for decades about CIA cocaine smuggling via Mena, Arkansas; and claimed Barry Seal was trafficking more than cocaine in place like Mena in Oklahoma. Wikipedia had deleted this article after whining about the sources maybe being inaccurate and labeling it 'fringe conspiracy theory', when it's really a government witness testimony corroborated by 2 others directly involved, one of which actually did the smuggling.[who?][source?]. [U,P,M]

  • Russian Woodpecker : Russian Duga Radar Tower used ostensibly for detecting nuclear weaponry, has, according to late Dr. Bob Beck, electronics physicist for US intelligence research and then-investigator of the Eugene Oregon 'woodpecker signal' shortwave interference pattern, created a 10Hz biologically-active resonant interference wave ("reconstructing heterodynes" via "signal-harmonic of 50Hz") by weaponizing the US power grid itself. There is a documentary on the Russian Woodpecker documentary on amazon.. Apparently, it has started back again since Dec 2013, since it stopped during the Chernobyl accident.

  • Smallpox infected blankets given to Native Americans : Biological warfare against Native People. [U,P]

  • The School of the Americas : US training in Georgia for latin american insurgents. [U]

  • Solyndra shakeout : Solar manufacturer had $535 million loan guarantee from the U.S. Department of Energy and yet shortly therafter declared bankrupcy, triggering a congressional and FBI investigation. They declared bankrupcy because of an inability to compete with China's solar prices which dropped a wildly unforeseen 90% during their guarantee and manufacturing start. The Chinese solar industry colluded to destroy Solyndra in a 'shakeout'. [O,F]

  • The Special Collection Service : putting surveillance tools in weird places like inside pidgeons and inside Angela Merkel's private cellphone for over 10 yrs, causing diplomatic backlashes. [U]

  • Stargate Project : DIA and SRI international project to study psychic phenomenon, remote viewing, and other 'psychotronics'. (In this context, 'psychic' weaponry, distinct from 'biologically active electronic weaponry' now more commonly called 'directed energy weapons' or DAWs; the conflation of the two is very purposeful, it's to make someone sound dumb for using the term.)

  • Stingray devices : used illegally by law enforcement, until we found out about them. [P,U]

  • Stuxnet : under the name Equation Group, NSA/CIA wrote extremely complex malware to ruin Iranian nuclear centerfuges by targetting very specific Siemans chips. "The techniques and knowledge used by the Equation Group were considered in summary to be "out of the reach of most advanced threat groups in the world except [this group]." (In other words only a very advanced, well-funded, state-sponsored group. All signs point to NSA. We'll find out in about 40 yrs when its declassified.) [U,O,P]

  • Suppressing Sarkhan : A book later released as "The Deceptive American" initially disappeared from bookshelves because Lederer claims CIA thought it revealed too much about their current operations in Thailand. [U]

  • Testimony of Nayirah : "They took the bebbies from the incubehtoors!" SOB. Everyone believed. We went. Many died. On a lie. [A,U]

  • Tepper Aviation : CIA funded proxy war by giving arms secretly to Angola. (One of many illegal proxy wars.) [U]

  • United Fruit Company : A company doubling as a shell corporation used for money laundering, blackops / militia funding and economic warfare by JFD and his brother Allen Dulles of the CIA. [F,O,P,U]

  • The USS Liberty incident : Our pals, Israel attacked a US ship, killing 34. [I,A]

  • Waco Seige : Seventh Day adventist based religious group in Texas was beseiged by US forces, and burned to death for not surrendering their leader, because their leader David Koresh was busy furiously writing his religious visions at the time of the seige, and had already told them he would surrender when finished. (The US Government murdered those people. So now, when you meet a Seventh Day adventist, do you feel safer, knowing they've been put in their place?) [U,P]

  • Watergate Scandal : a political scandal remembered as illegal surveillance was actually much bigger, wider scale than reportage gave and memory would suggest. [U,P]

  • WTC terrorist attack of 1993 : Offically, a WTC truck bombing by Islamic terrorists. In actuality, they were FBI informants provoked into the event. Open source investigator James Corbett demonstrated this is yet another state-sponsored terrorist, false flag event by the FBI. [U,P]

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